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Islander vs Hipster

It is obvious that you must expect a questionable pleasure when ordering a GT in a beer bar. Nevertheless, you will be pleasantly surprised if you give this order in Omegn located in Torvehallerne in center of Copenhagen. The bar only had a very limited selection of gin and tonics but it does not matter if the quality of the present selection is all right. Their supply of gin was limited to two different gins, one tonic, no garnish and ice cubes from the stall next door .

The Islanders were represented by Hven Organic Gin. A top quality, handcrafted gin from the Swedish island of Hven, situated in the Oresund between Denmark and Sweden. In fact, Spirit of Hven Organic Gin was the only gin served at the world-famous Noma restaurant in Copenhagen.

The handmade Danish private label Plateau Gin, distilled in the north of Sweden using unusual ingredients like cactus fruit and coffee. The tattoo inspired motif on the label underlined the hipster theme.

The Extra Fizz Tonic was divided in both camps, since it is produced on the Danish island of Funen and labelled with a fancy hipster label. The Islander won the on the rocks test with the delicate aromas and distinct tone of Bourbon Vanilla and Cassia bark. However, the extreme dry old school tonic become the innovative Hipster better, so a well-deserved draw between the Islanders and the Hipster.

Final score: 1- 1

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