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Gin & Tonic Starter Kit

If you need an idea for a present for a person that has everything then create your own personal GT starter kit.

  • Empty wine box of wood including a lid
  • A good gin
  • Several types of tonic
  • Appropriate garnish in consideration of the chosen gin and tonics

In this case, we have chosen the fantastic Elephant Dry Gin and some completely diverse tonics and types of garnish to expand the taste experiences for the recipient.

In our box, the Thomas Henry tonic and the lemon & juniper are included for the classic GT, and for a GT that underline the elderflower and the apple notes in the Elephant Gin then we have added the elderflower from Fever-tree’s tonic series and a green apple as garnish. Aromatic from the same tonic series gives the possiblity to taste a delicious pink GT perhaps with a little sprig of rosemary and some citrus.

Finally, the kit is packed so the items are firmly fixed by which your arrangement still will be relative intact when you deliver your present.

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