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Walk in Tasting

“Once upon a time, there was a Scottish vintner and distilling agency called William Cadenhead………”

This opening could be appropriate for this review since this random walk-in taste experience occurred in the center of Odense, the place of birth of the world famous Danish author H.C. Andersen and involved three different gin from historic W.M. Cadenhead company which was founded in the same period as H.C. Andersen breathed. However, we will skip the history lesson of William Cadenhead and go directly to the crux of the matter; their gin.

The gins were tasted at Cadenhead’s Whiskey Shop Denmark located in the shopping area of Odense.

Cadenhead’s Classic Gin

The first gin served was the Classic Gin. A very old-school gin with a heavy juniper taste. Even though the gin only was tasted neat then the alcohol potency of 50% ABV was not predominate for the overall impression of the gin. The gin is a solid classic dry gin but is not edgy enough to be upper-class gin in the Dry-Gin-category.

The neutral old-school style in combination with relative high ABV will properly make it well-suited for almost all tonic styles on the marked, so just chose your favorite tonic for making a pretty hard-hitting GT.

Gin Can Do rating: 2 / 5

Cadenhead’s Old Raj Red (46%)

Old Raj is more perfumed than the Classic Gin due to its eight botanicals. Most of them classic gin botanicals such as juniper (of course), coriander seed, angelica and oris root, lemon peel etc. However, what makes the gin more distinctive and exclusive is the touch of saffron that is added as the ninth botanical to the post-distillate. The saffron gives the Old Raj the distinctive pale golden color.

The taste is soft and smooth with a lot of notes from the botanicals. A very nice botanical gin with the edginess that the Classic Gin needed. The 46% ABV is well-balanced when served neat since this ABV-level still makes room for the botanicals.

A Fever-three Indian tonic could be an excellent suggestion for a delicious GT

Gin Can Do rating: 4 / 5

Cadenhead’s Old Raj Red (55%)

Same recipient as 46% just another ratio in the final dissolution step. In the tasted neat version, the 55% ABV take over the taste perception and can drown the botanical tones.

No doubt, it is a wonderful gin and the “55” will absolutely be in its element as the main character in a GT. The 55% can certainly give a strong kick to your GT.

The down listed rating should properly be revised upward if GT tasting had been included.

Gin Can Do rating: 3 / 5

Cadenhead’s Whiskey Shop Denmark

If you someday passing Odense then do not cheat yourself of a visit in the shop. The shop has a cozy environment with “Chesterfield chairs” and the shop is loaded with spirits; especially as the shop name indicates with whiskey – but also rum, cognac and of course the tasted gins are hold in stock. The staff is friendly and service minded, and even though that you just dropping by then the shop always has time to “walk-in tasting” of most the spirits.

Gin Can Do rating: 5 / 5

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