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Gin & Tonic with Jim & Tony!

Jim & Tony Buckthorn Gin fulfill the main purpose of the gin perfectly. When the 2 Danish gin nerds Jim & Tony begun the collaboration with Henrik Elsner from Stone Grange, the purpose of the project was exactly to create a first-class gin for use in GT´s.

The foot-print of the distiller is evident which could be connected with the quite simple recipe that normally is one of the main characteristics of the Henrik Elsner´s magic. The gin is distilled with the following botanicals; juniper, coriander, fennel and Nordic buckthorn.   The buckthorn adds a wonderful fresh edge to the gin. The gin is bottled with a relative high ABV% (48.9%). The high ABV dominate the noise and the taste as neat, but since the gin the manufactured mainly for GT´s then it does not matter since the alcohol together with the buckthorn ensure a powerful and expressive GT.

Gin Can Do love this gin and it is not just because of the wonderful name! It is a very charming gin that are excellent in the GT-version. The subtly bitter Natural Indian Tonic Water from Franklin & Son Ltd match the Buckthorn Gin fantastic and underline the expression in the gin

Gin Can Do rating: 4 / 5


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