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Christmas Moose is Coming to Town

Ho Ho Ho – ELG´s gin-sleigh with the “Christmas moose” has finally landed in our collection.

Since the gin previous is reviewed in “Gin Tasting Party” posted November 2, therefore we only have added a short resume of pervious Gin Can Do´s verdict of this wonderful green colored gin.

The key elements of an ELG gin are always juniper, coriander and carrot. In this Christmas version the carrot greens are also included in the distilling process which add the light green color to the gin. The gin will not blow anyone away that already know the other gins from the ELG-universe but if you still miss a real Christmas Gin in your collection or if you have not yet been acquainted with an ELG gin then this is absolutely a nice gin that you can put on your wish list for Santa Claus this year.

Gin Can Do rating: 3 / 5


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