Gin Review

Volcanical Gin Power

Finding the origin of the eight Spanish gin from our collection make a travel out of the Eurasian Tectonic Plate necessary, since Macaronesian White gin is manufactured on the Vulcanic Oasis; Tenerife located on the African Tectonic Plate.

Tenerife is an island created volcanically, building up from the ocean floor over a period of millions of years from 1–50 million years ago. The volcanic soil is actually a very important part of the creation process of this masterwork of a gin. The Macaronesian White gin is made with water that is filtered drop by drop through the volcanic lava rocks, which is characterized by being very porous and mineral-rich. This filtration process adds a very unique smoothness to the palate which together with a palette of high-class local botanicals results in this wonderful gin.

We have been recommended to use the Spanish 1724 tonic for the perfect GT, since this tonic has the same elements of citrus zing and “eau-de-perfume” notes as the Macaronesian White gin. We love the citrus taste, so as garnish we have used lemon and orange peel to highlight these notes.

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