Gin Review

Mediterranean Pearl

Rosemary, thyme, olives and basil is the key elements in the ninth and last Spanish gin from our Collection. To find the manufacturer we have to move back to Destilerias MG that we visited in episode 4 of our serial of Spanish gin. Their distillery is located in an abolished chapel in a small fishing village just outside Barcelona.
Gin Mare embrace all the best from the Mediterranean Cuisine and create in combination with 6 traditional gin ingredients a super-premium gin. The use of the local Mediterranean herbs separates this gin from all other products on the market. With Gin Mare Destilerias MG has committed a master stroke.
The fragrance is powerful, fresh and clear, and there is no doubt that it is an unusual gin. The aromatic juniper and rosemary are caught immediately in the nose. The taste is if possibly even more powerful and aromatic than the noise. Rosemary and thyme dominate the taste buds.

For the GT we should actually re-use the tonic from yesterday since Destilerias MG has developed 1724 Tonic for Gin Mare, but we will try to let Gin Mare shine using the more subdued Erasmus Bond Dry Tonic. We go all in on rosemary using a sprig of rosemary as garnish, and perhaps some orange peel.

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