La de dah de dah

There was, once upon a time, a strange sound from our bar cabinet. The sound was silent and croaking, and when the door was opened it was clear that someone was singing a frog’s song inside the cabinet …….

♬We all know Copper frogs go

♪ La de dah de dah

♬La de dah de dah

♪La de dah de dah

♬We all know Copper frogs go

♪ ♪ La de dah de dah

♪They don’t go Galumph Galumph Galumph ♬

No doubt that the “GentleFrog” from label of the Copper Frog Gin more go “La de dah de dah”, dressed in his Savile Row suit, cravat, walking stick and top hat than “Galumph Galumph Galumph”.

The same is absolutely the case with The Copper Frog Gin, it is a very sophisticated and stylish English gin with juniper as the protagonist, accompanied by a manor house aroma and a nice fruity twist in the finish with an astonishing smoothness.

The Copper Frog Gin was matched with a Indian Tonic J.Gasco. The tonic has a soft aroma and round flavor, but still with bitter and delicate aspects which resulted in a delightful GT. Garnished with pink grapefruit to elevate the citrus notes.

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