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Tailored Tonics for a Perfect GT

Today’s Sunday afternoon GT´s are mixed with two delightful and ingenious Tailored Tonics from Inginius. These tonics are tailored for small-batch and craft London Dry Gins in collaboration with a local gin bar from Cheltenham. The style is subdued so the tonics complements, instead of eclipsing the distinctive botanical flavors of the gin.

Even though, the ‘Citrus Sweet’ prefer some sweetness or floral elements from the gin, then we have made a direct comparison between the ‘Classic Tonic’ and the ‘Sweet Citrus Tonic’ using one of the best quality London Dry Gin from our Collection; Monkey 47.

Both tonics suits the gin perfectly, and create two tailored Haute Couture’s for the little monkey. The ‘Classic Tonic’ creating the gala dress for the great birthday party at the Gorillas Castle, whereas the ‘Citrus Sweet’ is perfect for a monkey party on a hot summer day at the Caribbean Islands.

The ‘Citrus Sweet’ was also tested with a more aromatic and sweet gin. The sweetness from the gin suited the citrus freshness from tonic perfectly.

Thank you, Andrew from Tailored Tonics for letting us taste these two amazing tonics that definitely is a must try for all gin connoisseurs, but if an update or a new creation is in the pipeline then please turn up for carbonation level since the GT according to our opinion is decarbonized too quickly.

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