Miss Tranquillites Arrival?

Waiting is the hardest part, but we can of cause make it a lot easier by drinking Plateau’s well-known London Dry Gin.

For long time ago, the people behind the Hipster gin-brand- Plauteau, annonced that their next gin in the pipeline was almost ready for launch so currently we all waiting for Miss Tranquillites arrival, but as the hipster Diva she apparently is, she letting us wait in uncertainty….. How do you deal with a Diva? Let her be a Diva, to quote author Morris West- ‘If you spend whole your life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.


Credit for Photo: svenssontonny at Intagram
Credit for Photo: ‘svenssontonny’ at Intagram

Today, we’re enjoying the sunshine on this wonderful Easter weekend by drinking a well served hipster GT. The GT containing the very reliable Plateau London Dry gin and Thomas Henry’s classic tonic water. Licorice root and a dried orange wheel used as garnish for a drink that matches the spring that slowly coming out of the winter shadow.
Happy Easter from Gin Can Do.

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