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Copperpot Goes to Ginnywood

A few years ago, the world famous Danish Gjøl-troll conquered Hollywood as the main character in the animation movie; ‘Trolls’ – but on the gin scene we actually have another upcoming star that deserves to become our next world famous troll.

The people behind the micro distillery Trolden (UK: Troll) have created a very delicious and almost mythological gin. Copperpot Gin is distilled in handmade copper pot, hence the name. The gin is very fresh and delicate with a very soft expression – however still including a lot of taste nuances due to the used vapor infusion technique. The carefully selected botanicals are placed in a ‘gin basket’ in the top of the copper po,t so instead of brutally boiling the notes out of the botanicals during the distilling process then the notes are carefully stream-transferred to the gin.

The served GT keep us in the dark and gloomy troll underworld by using the Black tonic water from Weisswange. The the orange peel used as garnish supporting the citrus notes from the gin – and not at least adding a subdued ray of light to this black troll potion of a GT from a crevice into the human world.


Gin delivered by: Nordiske Dråber

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