Heaven is a place in Tuscany

🎼Imagine there’s no heaven
🎼It’s easy if you try

We are quite sure, that John Lennon wasn’t drinking Ginepraio Organic Gin sitting on a wine-yard viewing on the fertile landscape of Montepulciano in the heart of Tuscany, when the lyric to Imagine was composed -because this fabulous gin that is born from a partnership between Levante Spirits and Deta Distilleries is the synonym of Heaven.

The gin is aromatic with a very clear expression of the lovely Tuscany, when its local picked organic botanicals shinning out of this delicious gin-recipe.
No need for creating colorful labels or fancy bottle designs, when launching a quality product. We love the simple design, which also is in line with our recommendation of the perfect tonic for the perfect GT.
None, this gin deserves absolutely to be enjoyed neat.

Thank you – Quist Wine for letting us taste this wonderful gin at the fantastic gin-tasting event in Meny Vermlandsgade, Copenhagen.


Photographer: Sophie-Matilde Knudsen

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