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White Wine Gin

Still considering if todays afternoon drink on the porch in the sun, should be a chilled white wine or perhaps a GT – why choose if you can have both?

Ignacz Gin started the carrier as a splendid white wine from Burgenland in the eastern part of Austria. After a re-adjustment through-out a double distillation process of the Winemaker/Master distiller Stefan Wellanschitz, then the wine was promoted to a spirits. Powerful local herbs such a juniper berries, rosemary and thyme was added to the spirits and macerated for 2 month, where after the third and final distillation step complete the transformation process from white wine to a full-blown gin.

No doubt, this is a gin due to the potent juniper notes, but its past as white wine does not fail. The gin is rich of essential oils, which is ‘clearly’ seen as precipitation when the chilled tonic is added. Before dosing you tonic, you have to try this gin neat -to taste the unique white wine notes. Preferable, use a very subdued and neutral tonic for your GT, e.g. Fever-Tree Naturally Light, by which the exceptional notes from the wine is maintained.

This gin is a must for all gin connoisseurs, that not just want a collection full of classic London Dry Gins – this gin will absolutely be a positive discussion topic when served due to the clear reference to its past as white wine.

Thanks Mikas from Vinomani for letting us taste this Austrian gin.

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