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David vs. Goliath

A modern gin history of ‘David vs. Goliath’ could be the story about Nordic Gin House. In this story David’s sling is replaced with a Nordic collaboration between micro distilleries, sommeliers, master distillers and mixologists. The four stones for David’s sling is symbolized by four handcrafted premium gins based on local authenticity from Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Nordic Gin House has higher ambition than just being a local player on the Nordic market so their Goliath is to lay themselves open to competition worldwide. First stone is throw at GinCanDo to conquer our gin hearts with Berslagens Organic Gin from Sweden.

The gin is a classic gin with a solid juniper expression and an ABV of 45.7%, that make it perfect as a GT-partner for a challenging tonic. Our sassy suggestion is the very refreshing Indi Tonic Lemon, that has a characteristic but still subdued lemon style. The tonic suits the Berslagens Organic Gin excellent, with a lot of space to the interesting notes from the gin, e.g. the lingonberries.

The GT was garnish with raspberries, that worked fantastic together with the sweetness from the gin and the acidity from the tonic. Furthermore, lime and lemon balm was added as intensifier for the citrus notes from both the gin and the tonic.

Thanks Nordic Gin House and Bergslagens Distillery for letting us taste the first stone from your David sling.


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