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Oslo Delight

Oslo Gin is ‘Det Norske Brenneri´s’ tribute to their proud Capital -Oslo, the world’s smallest metropolis. Here is forest and land, fjord and sea, city and country – all in one. A Norway in miniature.

The city map of Oslo adorns the label of the the gin, and as a little gimmick- then the the two O´s in Oslo are designed as peepholes that give you a magnificent view of the Royal Palace of Oslo, and not at least of the statue of King Karl III Johan that initiated the construction work of the palace.
Oslo Gin is so composed, refined and complex as the city it is named after. The gin is spiced with with juniper, coriander, elderflower, angelica root and birch leaves, that add the local Norwegian genuineness to this astonishing gin, in both taste and character. The gin has a lovely ABV of 45.8%, that makes it perfect in a GT serve, but a little ethanolish when served neat.

We have chosen to tribute the elderflower notes from the gin by using Thomas Henry’s Eldelflower Tonic. The floral notes of the elderflower and the gentle bitterness of tonic water add some charming sophistication to the GT drink. The flower of the elderberry is mainly used as visual garnish since they are relative anonymous in this form, however the acidity from the rhubarb ensemble the elderflower symphony amazingly.
If you want to subdue the Elderflower notes in your GT then the Oslo Gin match a straight tonic water as well, we also tried it with the Hancock Tonic-Water that formed a more classic GT.
The Oslo gin from ‘Det Norske Brenneri’ was delivered by Nordic Gin Gin House . Thank you for letting us taste this great tribute to the Capital of Norway.

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