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The Prince of Schackenborg

It was definitely with certain amount of awe that GinCanDo accepted this invitation to taste and review Schackenborg Dry Gin, since this gin is a product of a consortium between a selection of Denmark’s most powerful people, including His Royal Highness Prince Joachim of Denmark. We are quite sure, ‘De 5 Gaarde’ has connections, that in best Randolph & Mortimer Duke style with a finger snap and an one Dollar bet can change our lives from successful gin bloggers to homeless, just like Louis Winthorpe III in the classic 80s movie; ‘Trading Places’.

Fortunately, Schackenborg Dry Gin from ‘De 5 Gaarde’ is a excellent gin, so we do not need to be untrue in our review for hopefully still living our high-society gin life tomorrow.

Although, His Royal Highness Prince Joachim has renounced Schackenborg Castel to Schackenborg Foundation, then he has definitely had an important role in the process of creating this lovely gin.

The base in Schackenborg Dry Gin is the best wheat and barley malt from ‘De 5 Gaarde’, and pure spring water from the middle of Jutland. There are 12 carefully selected herbs, roots and berries, and of course a touch of secrets from the royal castle. The taste contains classic tones from the juniper berries, and a fantastic citrus freshness from the orange and Bergamot orange.

Our GT is mixed with the BTW Tonic Water. BTW is handmade in London using 100% raw and natural Quinine. This results in a well balanced and all-natural Tonic Water with a unique golden hue. Quite simply, BTW enhances the experience of the Schackenborg Dry Gin ….BTW…the way the gin intended. .

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