Friends of the House Gin

Stop stop stop

STOP STOP STOP – before you getting any good ideas of finding your old chillum from the 70s or even a Hookah to misuse this hemp gin. The psychoactive constituent of the cannabis, the THC is not present in the used hemp – so the only effect on your psyche is coming from the 42% ABV, exactly the same manner as all the other gins or spirits from your bar cabinet constitute to an excessively candid mood.

What is then interesting about this Marijuana gin also known as Mary-Ana’s Gin alluded to fresh hemp seed included in the recipe? The medical benefits of the cannabis has been known for over 5 millenniums, and in interaction with ‘our’ multipurpose wonder medicine- the juniper berries then Mary Ana’s Dry gin offers a Ma’gin’cal portion that absolutely is Gatafix worthy.

Since we never have (mis)used hemp😇 , then we of course do not know the taste/note from this botanical, but we definitely can find a distinctive note, that in a perfect symbiosis with rest of the ingredients create a very elegant and consummated gin. Beside the hemp and the Juniper, then the ingredient list incl. basil, elder, lemon and orange peel, anise, coriander, ginger, lavender, cloves, honey and cinnamon bark.

A cheeky gin requires a sassy choice of a tonic – so we have created a fresh GT using INDI organic lemon tonic. Basil and a fresh organic lemon wheel are used as a perfect garnish for this yellow/green drink.