First time

When was the last time you did something for the FIRST time?
We did it last night. The perfect way of ending our first visit at Madeira was by arranging our own exclusive FIRST cocktail party at the superior FIRST bar in Funchal. The FIRST bartender was mixing three magnificent cocktails using the local FIRST gin from this wonderful island.
The bartender was freestyling the cocktails for his first time, so unfortunately we cannot give you their name or the exact recipes, but no doubt that the results were amazing FIRST gin cocktails.
‘GinCanDo #1’ included cucumber and basil
‘GinCanDo #2’ Kiwi fruit
and not at least our absolute favorite the strawberry deluxe cocktail; ‘GinCanDo #3′.

The FIRST time you do a thing is always exciting, and our first Madeira holiday, our first acquaintance with the people behind the fantastic bar and restaurant Il Vivaldi in Funchal, and of course the first taste of FIRST gin certainly were all pleasant and memorable FIRST times for us.

Thanks for some wonderful days at Madeira Island, we will certainly be back for a second time. .

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