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A Gin in every HAVN

We love travelling, and this weekend we had an exceptional chance for prolonging our vacation, by an charming miniature gastronomic tasting of the world together with HAVN´s gin series. Havn gins represent with their selected ingredients, and their special manufacturing process the areas – that the gins carry in their names.

🌎 N 13°44’58.3″ E 100°29’20.2″
First stop in GinCanDo´s circumnavigation of the world together with HAVN is Bangkok. Travel to distant Bangkok with its harmonious golden lightness of lime leaves and lemongrass, which is in stark contrast with its spicy ginger flavor. HAVN BKK rejects simplicity, and it´s juggling the disparate elements into a harmonious finish with an amazing oriental twist.

🌎N 51°13’36.0″ E 4°24’50.2″
In Antwerp, the black cast-iron pots are bubbling on the stove, full of rhubarb, comforting aromas and recognize the soft sweet touch of vanilla and cinnamon. HAVN ANR reflects the sweet taste of Antwerp in a first class dessert gin.

🌎N 43°17’43.1″ E 5°22’25.7″
Allow yourself to be caressed by the warmth of a setting, copper colored sun on your sunburned skin – as
the odors of Mediterranean herbs and olives from a street kitchen in the port of Marseille touches the
smell receptors of your senses, in that moment then you have the exact taste of HAVN MRS on the tip of your toque .

🌎N 55°40’49.9″ E12°35’16.6″
Home, sweet home. Back to our astonishing capital of Denmark, wonderful Copenhagen – attracting visitors e.g. due to atmosphere in its harbor. In Danish Copenhagen is actually called KøbenHAVN – but it´s alright to fractional share name with this quality gin series from Belgium. Immerse yourself in Copenhagen on a distinct and innovative Michelin-starred restaurant, tasting the salt from pickled herring and salty seaweed, feel the freshness of lime zest as a chilly sea breeze, smell the the smoky birch wood from the fireplace. All that, have HAVN succeed to encapsulate in HAVN CPH.

Thanks to the dream team of HAVN Spirits for this gastronomic expedition and experience, hopefully soon we will see your product up here, so we actually can enjoy a ‘HAVN CPH in the HAVN of CPH’

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