Friends of the House Gin Review

Circus in Town

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, get ready for ………‘The Greatest Show on Earth’.

Come join the circus, hear the music, laugh at the clowns, be thrilled by the perilous leaps of the acrobats, scared on the behalf of the lion tamer by the frightening lions, amazed by the juggler, and cheated by the magical tricks of the magician.
But the greatest star of them all – tonight’s show featuring the overshadowing and talented new-comer on the entertainment sky – The Circus Gin.

Circus Gin is a Danish Premium Gin distilled with old-fashion magical tricks on a traditional copper still. The used infusion box impressively juggle all the botanicals into a full-bodied and round, but still intense taste experience. Nothing to be scared about, the gin containing all the traditional elements in a classic gin show, but added some modern ingredients such as the blackberry ballerina, the fresh orange and lemon clowns, and not at least the elegant and acrobatic lemon balm – that absolutely justify its presence in a modern gin show in 2018.

We´re fans of this amazing gin show with all the great skills and fine aroma, but just remember -cause you got the monkey off your back, doesn’t mean the circus has left town. In this case it doesn´t matter, since Circus Gin is very welcome to stay in our collection for eternity. We already looking forward to the next show, that hopefully soon will be announced.

Great applause to all the artists – and thank you for joining tonight´s show.

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