Friends of the House Gin


Today we´re on a mission at the lakeside of Gooimer with the gins equivalent to Robin Hood. RYKS gin doesn’t feel constrained by any conventions or established rules -they dare to let go, release their fears, and refuse to entertain thoughts of failure. As Robin Hood, RYKS gin do not accept any limitation and repression from Prince Gin and the Sheriff of Tonics.

Instead, of doing it someone else´s way and repeat their mistakes, then RYKS gin are idealist using their own way to create their own successes. RYKS gin distilled with lime is dressed in green like Robin Hood. According to the EU regulation of spirit drinks then the taste of gin must be predominated by juniper – and you can certainly taste the juniper, but you can definitely also taste that RYKS doesn´t feel constrained by any EU directives -they have absolutely dared to let go with the lime dosing.

As the back label state, ‘It’s for all those who want to get off the beaten tracks and those who see no frontiers’. If you want to be ‘outlaw’ for at evening, then RYKS gin ‘Lime’ is absolutely worth a try. We´re sure that something magical can happen in your own cocktail bar, but you definitely have use a tonic/soda or ingredients with some kind of strongness to match up with this rebel of a gin.

Thanks RYKS gin for first round in your amazing selection of citrus gins, we already looking forward to next round – to see if the ‘Grapefruit’ arrow can split the first ‘Lime’ arrow with another shot in the center of the target.

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