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the forbidden fruit

Full of expectation to another tasting with a C vitamin gin bomb, then the bottle with RYKS gin distilled with grapefruit was unsealed.

The grapefruit is a subtropical citrus tree known for its sour to semi-sweet, somewhat bitter fruit. Grapefruit is a hybrid originating in Barbados as an accidental cross between two introduced species, sweet orange and pomelo, both of which were introduced from Asia in the seventeenth century.
When found, the grapefruit was named the ‘forbidden fruit’.

Due to our humble opinion, then there isn´t nothing forbidden over this gin. The gin exudes a smooth bouquet of the fresh grapefruit, with a feminine touch, that matches the pink hue from label. The gin will properly interact perfect together with the main part of the tonics from the shelves in your local supermarket.
For the perfect GT cocktail, when enjoying the last hours of sun shine for this season in our part of the world, we have chosen Effervé Tonic Water, that together with the used garnish (rosemary and black berries) adds some autumn mood and masculinity, to the summerish and feminine grapefruit gin. .

Once again, thanks RYKS gin for letting us taste a ‘Free spirits’. Absolutely worth a try, if you as we do, love an excellent citrus gin.

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