Friends of the House Gin

Mamma Mia

It is common knowledge, that the women have always been the strong ones. The men are always seeking from women a little pillow to put their heads down on. They are always longing for the mother who held them as infants.

However, in Italy this mother complex  phenomenon has apparently come completely out of control. Everything, has to be pink in Italy these days, so the Italian sons are for sure completely repressed or manipulated of their mothers love for pink. The male leader in Giro d’Italia is forced to don a pink jersey for 3 whole weeks. The hardcore football Tifosis are forced to read about their hero’s in a pink newspaper. The masculine beach boys at island of Budelli are forced to sun tan on a pink beach………and now all hardcore gin connoisseurs are forced to drink pink gin on cool hipster bars in Rome.

But if it can´t be different , then all men from rest of the world must ignore generations of struggling, and sweat and blood in connection with the day to day fights against their morthers. This Malfy Gin Rosa is simply too good to be ignored regardless  the repressing of the Italian sons from their mother.

The pink touch is added by the use of the Pink Grapefruit , that together with the use of citrus, rhubarb and liquorices root add a fantastic mood of Italy. The GT is mixed with the low quinine Bon Accord tonic water, that due to the clean and crisp flavor still letting the Gin Rosa flourish. The rhubarb shreds highlight excellent these notes from the gin.

No doubt, that we love everything about Italy, even your mother ‘rosa’ and all the Mammoni – so thanks to Malfy Gin, that with support of have provided us with this amazing Malfy Gin Rosa.

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