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The sky is the limit

After a couple of days on a pink sky, we’re returning to earth in the copilot´s seat of a Douglas DC-3. Our pilots on today´s flight on this vintage plane, that revolutionized air transport in the 1930s and 1940s, are The Old Pilots from Croatia.

The Old Pilots have selected their juniper power settings, based on their senses operating curve. The manifold pressure for the chosen orange-power and olive leaves have be corrected for carburetor sage variation from the lavender altitude temperature.

The gin retain the climb power while the DC-3 is accelerating to the anticipated air speed. Hereafter, the cowl flaps are closed as the Mediterranean notes are obtained with increased air speed. The GT-throttle is carefully adjusted with assistant from ‘Fuglesang Tonic Water -Black Peppers’ to the manifold pressure for our speed, and the engine garnish is reduced to the mood for the GT-cruise. When the GT has cooled to normal temperatures for level flight, then the mixture control is moved to Automatic Lean.

When the automatic pilot was put into operation, then it was time to enjoy the GT before the landing. The powerful gin can absolutely be pull into artistic and creative cocktail loops and rolls due to the classic london dry gin form, but the form include spins and hammerheads that makes the this airborne gin unique.

This gin is created of men to all us, that love an unique and tasteful classic gin with edginess. Thanks to the ‘Old Pilots Gin’ for this amazing flight in your classic DC-3, that hopefully will results in another invitation if you in the future planning a test flight in Spitfire or another gin-bomber.

‘Ten Four – Over and Out’

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