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Il Mio Il Mio

Il Mio Gin is as alluded by the name, inspired by Italy and not at least of the Italian garden. The gin radiate René’s great love and passion for Italy, and the sensory inputs of the savory and palatable gallery of Italian herbs and fruits encapsulate it all.

When opening the bottle of Il Mio Gin, you can due to fragrance from traditional juniper, and the aromatic notes from rosemary, oregano, olive leaf and thyme, ending with sweetness from orange and lemon peel, without any problem visualize the scenic and colorful landscape of Tuscany.

Despite the clear Italian references, then the gin is thoroughly ‘Made in Denmark’. The originator is located in the northern part of Denmark. Il Mio Gin is also handcrafted and distilled in Denmark by one of GinCanDo´s favorite master distillers, and a very good gin acquaintance – Anders Bilgram from Nordisk Brænderi in Fjerritslev.

The Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water is used as the foundation of our GT. However, Il Mio Gin declares its presence as spire of a Catholic Cathedral. The divine touch is archived by the thyme and fresh organic orange used as garnish.

Il Mio Gin is not just for me, it´s for- Il Tuo, Il Suo, Il Nostro, and ll Loro – with other Words ‘Tutto’.

Molte Grazie ‘Il Mio Gin’ for the taste of your passion for Italy. It has been a pleasure for us to meet with you guys, and taste you astonishing gin – looking forward to ‘Il Tuo Gin’.

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