Friends of the House Gin

Points d’amour

White gold, Queen of vegetables, Pearl of the land or the poetic French expression: Points d’amour. A vegetable with so many fabulous names as asparagus must be something special.

This is exactly why the asparagus as botanical matches Woodhill Distilled Gin perfectly. A special gin requires special ingredients. Beside traditional foundation of classic gin botanicals such as angelica and orris roots, coriander seeds, and the juniper, then this elegant and exclusive Pearl of Gin contains a cavalcade of special and colourful botanicals, that is reflected in a harmonic and floral appearance. The purple lavender flowers, pink peppercorns , blush rose buds, green asparagus and lemongrass are stylish composed in arrangement of aromas, flavours and tasting notes, that activates all senses, and leaves you with a warm, indulgent feeling.

The GT is arranged in a simplified edition, to let this unique and complex gin shine without any disturbing elements from tonic or garnish; Fever-tree Mediterranean tonic water and some fresh lemon as complementation to the citrus notes from juniper and lemongrass.

If success only coming with hard work to those who remember being nice to people, they meet on their way up – then upcoming Woodhil Distillery allready is a huge success, since Jeppe and rest of this wonderful gin-family are investing all they ‘spare-time’ in Woodhill – but still with the biggest catching smiles on their faces.