Friends of the House Gin

Gaugin´s newest masterpiece

Gaugin Classic has symbolic parallels to a postimpressionistic painting of ‘the other’ Gauguin, Paul Gauguin.

Gaugin Classic has been able to add an extra dimension to the classic London Dry style, with the spontaneous and naturalistic rendering of the Mediterranean notes and aroma.

The Master distiller has succeed to emphases the soul of this masterpiece of a Gin with the use of a formal order and structure, and not at least by the use of oranges, grapefruit and Mediterranean lemons, the finest wild rosemary, uncultivated thyme, handpicked sage and lavender. The strong juniper punch highlighting the essence as an emotional and aesthetic bearer of the gin.

The intense taste of Mediterranean does not requires any disturbance of additional expression from a lively tonic, so the cultic Nørdic Mist Original Tonic Water is our suggestion for the perfect companion for an excellent GT. The Coca-Cola owned tonic is mild flavored with slightly bitter- and sweetness which make it perfect for this top-class artist of a gin.

We truly value the possibility to taste this superior London Dry Gin with a wonderful Mediterranean twist from GauGin , thank you very much for your generosity. Also a huge thanks to Gin Ur Way and Gin Ur Way Medals for making this happen.