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Gin of the North

Skagen is a famous Danish tourist coast town, known for its distinctive nature and the world-famous Skagen painters. The latter was a group of Danish painters, e.g. P. S. Krøyer, Anna and Michael Ancher – who found the natural light of the area so special and exciting, that they settled at Jutland’s northern tip in the late 19th century, and created a colossal number of the masterpieces from the Danish art history.

From our point of view The Art Museum of Skagen must seriously consider to expand their unique exhibition of the world-famous Skagen painters, with a modern art collection including a modern Skagen masterpiece; ‘Gin of the North’,

The gin is a tribute of the same area that fascinated and inspired the artist of the past, by using local botanicals that are characteristic for this fantastic dune area.

Juniper, buckthorn berries, blueberries and not at least the Myrica catkins form the special soul of the gin. We tasted the newly released batch V, that radiate quality from the inner to the outer. The composition is created with love to gin, but with a clear reference to the old Danish distilling traditions by the use of Myrica catkins. Natural fiber sisal binder twine and an adder stone adorning the neck of the bottle, together with an beautiful simple label design, that give the bottle a very forceful expression that matches the superior taste from the gin.

The powerful gin deserves a classic tonic, so you fully can enjoy the taste quality from this ‘Gin of the North – we have chosen the bitter and citrus containing Premium Indian Tonic Water from Fentimans.

A perfect GT for a Saturday night if you like an edgy gin, like we do -so thank you very much Skagen Gin and Vinspecialisten in Skagen for tonight’s serving of this incredible gin.

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