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Copenhagen calling – and everyone is invited


@gin_larsendk (Instagram follower)

We are so proud of our Capital, that we want to share the city with all our followers. Sorry, but the budget is not allowing us to invite all of you to Copenhagen, so instead we shipping a part of Copenhagen to a lucky winner.

GinCanDo feat. Nordic Gin House proudly present our ‘København Klassisk Gin’ contest.

Prize: 2bottles of København Klassisk Gin sponsored by @nordicginhouse
The Contest ends on Sunday, October 21 2018

How to win:

Extra chances to win:

  • Find and participate in the the contest on our Facebook
  • Find and participate in the the contest on our Instagram

Bonus chance – help us spreading the word to the world:

  • You get 5 extra lots in the contest per friend that you tag from Instagram or Facebook , whom also participate in the contest


The prize is not transferable to cash and is not exchangeable. To enter the contest you must be of legal age (18+) of drinking in your country.

Nordic Gin House is a Nordic collaboration between the best small, local distilleries and the most renowned sommeliers, master distillers and mixologists.
Different backgrounds. Different countries. Same ambition: To bring out the best of the Nordic distillery tradition. With respect for gin heritage, each gin from the Nordic Gin House brings its unique distinction with local spices and a sense of national taste.
Already now, our 4 super premium Nordic gins will be available in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland , Germany, England and Baltic via selected local distributors. Distributors and partners for distribution in others countries will be approached in the coming month.
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