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Arctic Tonic

At least ¾ of a successful GT is related to the used tonic. From our point of view, then a terrible pick of the tonic can spoil even the best gin, and perfect choice of the tonic can even save a mediocre gin.

Therefore, we are always filled with enthusiasm, when receiving or meeting new tonics, that we have not tasted before. Exactly with that feeling, the package from Finland with a selection of tonics from Arctic Tonic was received. Arctic Tonic comes from the idea to spice up tonic water to create something unique and tasty – the tonics are familiarly refreshing, yet distinctively different from your plain Indian Tonic Waters.

The first Arctic tonic in our cocktail glass was the Cranberry version, that has a slightly sweet and fresh taste of cranberry. Since this tonic actually has an excellent taste, then a possible suggestion for an appropriate gin could be a neutral and well-balance London Dry Gin, that letting this tonic having the lead in the GT. We have chosen to highlight the cranberry notes, by adding dried cranberries as garnish, that also visual sustaining the sweetness of the drink. A dried wheel from a bitter orange creating some contrast to the sweetness.

Definitely, a very interesting tonic, that can guide your favorite gin in a completely new direction. Looking forward to next take on the interesting assortment from ArcticTonic.

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