Friends of the House Gin

801 Gin Street

10 Downing Street, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, 221B Baker Street are all famous addresses, that you properly already know. If you’re a gin nerd then you definitely have to add 801 ‘Gin’ Street to your back catalog of important addresses in your internal navigation system.

According to the legend, then this gin street for centuries has harbored historic pubs to famous writers – but very few know, that the Victorian door with the number 801 hides the secret of the alchemist who once placed the original dry gin on the map.

801 Gin St. is loyal to this original recipe that has its origin from this exact address, and it`s the only gin in the world that preserves the nuances and aromas of this centenary recipe. The base alcohol is created on maize corn, rye and barley. Afterward, the juniper is macerated in this alcohol, and finally distilled. The gin has a delicious a classic gin taste with a heavy juniper note, but still smooth and aromatic exactly as a super premium classic gin should be.
You can guide this classic dry gin in almost any GT-direction that you like, by using your personal favorite tonic. We have chosen the well-balanced tonic from Gents, that has a light touch of sweetness and notes from the Sicilian lemons, that suits this classic gin perfectly for a luscious GT.

Thanks 801 Gin St. for inviting us on the historic tasting, we already looking forward to the next invitation if you guys finding another historical recipe, that you want to share with the world.