Friends of the House Gin

Huckleberry Gin Forever!

Love at first sight. The idea is wonderfully romantic: A gin connoisseur see a gin bottle ‘across a crowded Instagram room’, there’s an instant attraction, an electric spark, and suddenly they’re standing in front of each others. They’ve found their match and never looking back. In a world where gin blogging often requires a lot …

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Drink Gin

Royal Ginness

The dark autumn weather invites to an indoor activity, so we have chosen to spend some hours in in our GinCanDo-lab. The mixed ‘Royal Ginness’ gives us the light and summerness, that we definitely miss this time at the year.Ingredients:5cl Schackenborg Dry Gin5cl GinCanDo Strawberry paste1,25cl fresh pressed organic lime juice1,25cl elderflower ‘syrup’5cl Goldberg Tonic …

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Ohh deer Harahorn

Far up in Norway, there lived three creatures Daddy-horn and Mamma-horn and little Harahorn. “Boo,” said the Daddy-horn “Boo,” said Mamma-horn, but Harahorn small just wanted some of the gin alcohol   The delicious Harahorn Gin is mixed with Ohh Deer Tonic, and some rhubarbs as garnish for a Nordic antlers GT

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