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Along Came a Spider

For the last couple of days, a gorgeous woman has spread across a chaise lounge in our darkened living room.

How do you overcome the temptation to look at her?

Slavery to looking at her was just that – a seemingly unstoppable giant blocking the path of correct behavior. This lewd barrier of impurity causes you to stray far from this path. But your calling in life isn’t to remain bogged down in this habitual cycle of temptation, defeat and guilt forever..? Admitting, it wasn’t possible to resist this impure temptations, and live the clean and sober life with this women laying in our living room. On the third day, my moral compass was broken, and I had to take her into my arms. After some fumbling in the dark with the b b ……bottle, then the gin finally was open for the very first taste.

Jack Vettriano Gin unite arte and gin. The gin inside this beautiful bottle, decorated by the painting ‘Along Came a Spider’ of Britain’s best selling artist, is a limited batch production of an award-winning 44% ABV London Dry gin. Every bottle is hand-poured, labelled, corked and sealed in Jack’s home district of Fife, Scotland. Whilst the spirit is distilled in the oldest working copper still in the UK.
This classic and traditional London Dry gin call for some counteraction from the tonic, so we have chosen a Portuguese sweet tonic with a touch of Rosa Peppers. .

Certainly a very pleasant acquaintance with this beautiful gin. Thanks @jackvettrianogin for your generous serving of this double masterpiece, that both offering art lovers and gin drinkers a chance to add something truly unique to their collection!


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    1. The gin is the result of a collaboration between fellow Fife native Stephen Anderson of Commercial Spirits and Jack Vettriano. A ‘fantastic Scottish premium classic gin’ that featuring four of Vettriano’s paintings on the labels: The Singing Butler, Billy Boys, Along Came A Spider & A Kind Of Loving, so both something for your taste buds and for your eyes.
      A appetizingly smooth, London Dry Gin, including eight carefully chosen botanicals distilled at a hearty 44%, the gin delivers strength, premium flavor and a delightful nose – so absolutely recommendable!

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