Drink Gin

Rock N’Cocktailing

Friday night – Rock N’Cocktailing at Waikiki Beach.We try the Aviation American Gin once more. The fresh Southside cocktail served by Yardhouse in Waikiki, containing the Aviation American Gin, citrus agave and fresh mint. We are definitely ready for celebrating the New Year the Hawaiian way, even through it’s difficult to find some local gins for the …

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Wheels of Fortune

Some heat, some time and plenty of citrus are the building blocks of a long and ginning Christmas season. Our dehydrated citrus wheels are finally ready for some GT-fun.  This weekend we have spinned the Wheel of fortune by dehydrating some different sort of citrus fruit for our drinks. Please drop by Santa, I feel Lucky …

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Please ASK

ASK Nordlig Gin is 100% handmade and distilled with the old Nordic medical herbs; Verbena, Stonecrop, Satureja and Salicornia.  This incredible London Dry Gin has its own characteristic ‘medical’ touch, and is served from an equally distinctive bottle that tells the story of the Ask (ash) tree, which has grown in Denmark for more than …

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