Friends of the House Gin Tonic

The Islander from Als

Sønderborg Castle, that´s  adorned by a hand drawing on the front label of the Als Gin – is a story within the Danish history. The Castle, in its scenic setting close to the seaward approach to Sønderborg, holds more than 800 years dramatic history.

If the walls could talk, then you could hear interesting stories from royal weddings, the Danish King Christian II’s imprisonment in the 16th Century, wounded soldiers during the Schleswig Wars and perhaps some terrifying stories from the prisoners on the Castle during the two World Wars.

Hopefully, within a few years the walls also can tell great stories about a London Dry Gin from the city with an huge success. The guys behind these coming gin stories have spent a year finding the right recipe and taste. The gin is 110% organic, using classic gin botanicals as coriander, fennel and anise with modern twist of the ‘novel’ gin botanical; sea buckthorn.

The anise is beautifully directs the taste symphony as the composer of the gin orchestra, with its characteristic liquorice flavour. We´re highlighting this delicious anise note, by mixing the Als Gin with the new Pink Rhubarb Tonic Water, that just have been added to @fentimansdk mixer portfolie. The tonic adding a unique and refreshing dimension to this marvelous Als Gin from @sonderborgdistillery, and working perfect together with the liquorice note.

Thanks Sønderborg Distillery for letting us into your Gin Castle, hopefully you will send us an invitation when the walls start telling stories about your fantastic gins.