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Cork stoppers for wine and spirits are the most famous product of the cork industry, and since Portugal produce approximately half of cork harvested annually worldwide, then usage of cork as a stopper and an eye-catching product characteristic was very obvious choice for the Portuguese Adamus Dry Gin.

The stylish sharp-edged bottles in a square design with the oversized top of cork, it’s really something from another aesthetic level, which even the most discerning gin connoisseurs must add to their collection.  Studies have shown, that above 90% of consumers associate a cork stopper with quality and elegance, and we are due to its present actually willing to pay extra for the spirit. Since cork adding value to the gin, then Adamus Dry Gin definitely must be one of the most valued and elegant gin on the marked  according to the gigantic cork top.


The bottle design is stunning, so can the content rewarding this design level….

The gin has a very floral and fruity appearance, that is the result of a search for the best and most special botanicals in Portugal. The 18 carefully selected botanicals including one interesting singularity; the Bairrada’s famous grape variety – Baga. The Baga grape  gives the Adamus Dry Gin the delicate and fruity flavour. Beside the grape and some other classic gin botanicals, then the master distiller certainly has explored the floral space by using lavender, honeysuckle and hibiscus. The natural botanicals are individually distilled in the traditional distillation coppers through steam distillation.

In respect of the floral scenery in the gin, a Lamb & Watt Hibiscus tonic water has been used as base in our GT to grow that note from the floral bouquet of interesting notes from the Adamus Dry Gin. Perfect mix for a very floral GT, that is the perfect companion  on a cold December day without any floral wipes outside the window.

Thanks @ginput_dk and @adamus.spirits for the round-trip in the amazing landscape of Portugal, tasting all the interesting botanicals that have created your super premium gin, that distinguishes itself by its own uniqueness.

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