Friends of the House Tonic

All good comes from the sea buckthorn

We have a huge love for gins, no doubt about that – but the tonic is definitely assimilated in the passion as well. Therefore, we´re always very delighted and full of excitement, when we´ve the possibility to test new tonics, that aren´t available on the shelves at our local gin and tonic pusher. This time we´ve had the pleasure to taste a part of the wild Cornwall, in a disguised as Sea Buck Tonic. Both a regular and a light ed. were examined in our GinCanDo-lab.

Sea Buck Tonic has its origin from one of the most popular Seaside Towns in England, St Ives. The tonics are created from natural ingredients; carbonated Cornish spring water, sea buckthorn berries and naturally extracted quinine, that give the tonics an unique and sophisticated taste without bitterness. If you´re started 2019 on a low calorie diet plan, then don´t worry (be happy)- because the calorie content in the light version is almost non existing, so this calorie level should definitely ensure room in your diet plan for a single Saturday light GT.

The GT-testing of both tonics were performed with one of our favorite straight forward gin; London Gin Lab. It is a balanced London dry gin, where none of the used six botanicals drown out the entire flavor, which make it perfect for the testing. The different between the two Sea Buck tonics are mainly the sugar content, that from our point of view gives the the regular tonic more tonic muscles and power as a mixer soda. However, if you aren´t on a diet plan then the light version still could be a possibility as the final touch in a quenching summer GT towards parching on a hot summer day on the veranda. Alternative if you using a dominating gin or perhaps an Old Tom gin, that has enough taste or sweetness in itself. The coming days, we will use the leftovers for some additional testing, trying to find the right element for the light ed. as well.

Certainly a very pleasant first acquaintance with Sea Buck Tonic. Thanks @seabucktonic for your generous serving, we especially love the sweet regular tonic, but love the freshness from the sea buckthorn berries that is added to the GT from the both of your tonics.