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Higher Gin

Imaging the scenery of a small cozy village with a bakery next to the pond, a bell in the church tower that steadfast is chiming every time

another hour has passed away -and not forgetting the monument of the village; an old mill without wings that proud watches over the catchment area.

In this idyllic setting, you will find the perfect quietness and peace to raise your child to be an intellectual, brilliant and not at least successful gin blogger later in life……or else use the tediousness to undisturbedly create your perfect gin recipe.

In the last category, we find a person that until few years ago even couldn´t spell ‘GIN’, since he until then hadn´t enjoyed much alcohol in his life. Luckily, he was ‘rehabilitated’ during a gin tasting – and after many hours of developing in his kitchen, and a little up-scaling help from from Nordisk Brænderi; then Højer Gin recently was launched at Copenhagen Gin Festival.

Højer Gin is a handmade, high quality London Dry Gin. The fragrance is pleasant fruity, but still with a superb ginish aroma. The juniper note is the first appearance that interact with your taste buds, followed by a pricking sensation of pepper – the taste is strongly finalized by the the sweetness from the blackcurrant berries.

You definitely have to try Højer Gin neat- but together with a squeeze of a blackcurrant syrup, a neutral Bon Accord tonic, and some blackberries & a slice of ginger as garnish, then you suddenly have a fabulous cocktail.

Thanks Anders, for taking us down memory lane in my old ‘hood’ with your outstanding debut gin, hopefully soon we will receive an invitation to the next chapter of your gin adventure.

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