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Three In a Row

Blending Copenhagen trendiness with gin coolness, then you have the fashionable ‘cocktail’ called Dorfs Gastrobar. This narrow specialised gin-themed spot in THE center of Copenhagen emphasizes a lot of gins, creative gin drinks, beers and a massive atmosphere of cosiness.

Here is room for gin connoisseurs that prefer to be in control when composing the perfect GT, or for gin rookies that only have some horrible gin experiences from the 80s, and therefore need some guidance from the well-qualified bartenders to find the gin heaven.

Dorfs Gastrobar has over 60 different gins that are carefully selected from all corners of the world. Therefore, it should definitely be possible to find unknown gins if trying their Gin Tasting Board, that including 3 gin samples, 3 garnishes and 1 tonic, to start up your own GT-experiment. A Saturday cocktail mood is fulfilled by an original cocktail card with fresh ingredients, that really create a cool cocktail experience with a wonderful combination of flavour, scent and appearance.

Copenhagen is a trendy hangout on its own, but with so many restaurants and bars a recommendation always comes in handy – so Dorfs Gastrobar you guys will absolute receive our blessing as one of the hottest gin spots in CPH. Dorfs Gastrobar is absolutely worth a try, we will definitely be back!