Distillery Friends of the House Gin

The Gin Tree

For a couple of weeks ago, we met a CellarMaster, that generous bestowed us with a small Gin tree. L’Arbre Gin carry an exceptional, balanced, aromatic, clear and fresh gin fruit, that can be experienced not only at the organoleptic level – but also visually by the graceful minimalist design that, in addition to expressing simplicity and happiness, also communicate a very important emotional message by using the naked tree silhouette on the label.
The roots of the tree capture the past of Teichenne Liquors, that still found the ‘spirit of the distillery’. The trunk containing all the knowledge and experience ingrained over three generations. Finally, the future and innovation are symbolized by the small twigs growing on the branches.

The gin fruits of this Mediterranean tree contains all the best from the Catalonian area. A fine delicate bouquet of aroma rises from the neat served L’Arbre Gin. Delicious notes of botanicals- that you certainly recognize from the Catalonian gastronomy, will fill your senses with pleasure. The subtle juniper savour blends smoothly in your mouth with the notes from thyme, rosemary, basil, lavender, and of course a hint of lemon.
Just spend sparkling Three Cents on the perfect Gin & Tonic!

We´re fans of the L’Arbre gin, and dear ‘Kældermester.dk’ if you guys in the future need some help emptying your gin cellar, then just give us a call – and we will beGin the cleaning ASAP..