Distillery Friends of the House Gin


It´s properly not fair, but we had extreme high expectation to our the tasting of this debut SiWu gin from a new Danish distillery. The guys behind the distillery have their background from the food industry, not just a paltry tourist restaurant in the centre of Copenhagen – but from the absolute upper class of the famous Danish gourmet universe. 
As Michelin chefs – Nicolai & Jonas have previous performed their world-class food magic with an incredible commitment of creating the best taste experience possible, focusing on purity, quality, traceability and good craftsmanship. Elements, that are sustained in the process of creating the best gin possible.

For these guys, it wasn´t sufficient just redistilling a commercial bought ethanol base – everything has to be done from scratch, rolling of malt, mashing, fermentation, distillation……., so every little detail is under control for creating their unique edition of a first-class SiWu gin.
Even through, every details around this gin are kept minimalistic in respect to the Danish design heritage, then the taste is definitely very pompous, but still with an exciting depth and softness.
The gin is stunning, dressed with playful juniper clout. It is fresh, lively and is balanced beautifully with the galangal, that adds an astonishingly extra citrusy and earthy dimensions to the other more classic gin botanicals; such as coriander seed, rosemary, lemon & orange peels.

After the philosophy, never discuss ‘the menu’ with two Michelin Chefs, then we have used the recommended Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water to receive the optimal GT experience. Be sure to mingle rosemary and orange peel as garnish to your cocktail before the first sip. Heavenly!

Thanks SiWu Distillery for our first Michelin serving – our high expectations were definitively fulfilled.

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