Friends of the House Mixer

Mixing Mood

Macarn has a mixer for every mood, situation, and actually for every gin, that you can have. You can find the inspiring and colourful rhubarb or raspberry mixer for your drink on a dark and rainy day to evoke the energy and zest in our mind. The passion mixer and your favourite gin can definitely open your creativity behind an empty painting canvas, or perhaps the lemon mixer is more appropriate when mentally absorbing some bitterness or disappointments from your everyday life.

We have chosen the golden elderflower mixer to celebrate the coming of the sun and summer in today’s luxuries Cocktail. With a little help from Machaby  and their delicious gin, we have found some notes that embrace the elderflower mixer eminent in this year´s first cocktail on the terrace. The cocktail is added a little amount of lemon juice to control the sweetness, and finally minimalistic garnished with a fresh lemon wheel.

Thanks Macarn for inviting us into your organic mixer and soda life -we really appreciating the possibility to mix your superior and quality products into our gin universe, so thank you very much for your generous deliverance of these magnificent mixers. Looking all ready forward to our next mixing together.