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GinCanDo on tour
Last week, we had an unexpected opportunity for a private tour to the heart of the Beefeater Distillery in London. Very impressive to see the original Victorian pot stills and inhale the original gin atmosphere, that definitely surrounding this place.

The tour included a little tasting of the original ‘Dry gin’ and the ‘Garden gin’. Sorry Beefeater Gin, here is absolutely room for improvement in the tasting setup, you simply do not dilute the gin with water to please ‘German tourists’. IT IS BLASPHEMY to real gin lovers, and not at least your own Master Distiller, SHAME ON YOU!

However, this act of (g)insulting was quickly forgotten, since we were invited to have the absolutely first ‘commercial’ taste of their very limited Beefeater Monday’s Gin edition, that was launched same day. This time without any dilution of the gin, so we really could taste the voluminous notes of this bold and intense version of their classic dry gin. The recipe is completely identical with the classic dry gin, but instead of stepping the botanical for 24h prior to the distillation, then the botanicals in this Monday’s gin has been stepped for 72h over the weekend before the distillation Monday morning, hence the name. 

If you love Beefeater London Dry Gin, then this one is absolutely a must in your collection – but hurry up, it’s only sold from the Distillery’s shop for a very limited period.
Even if, you aren’t the biggest Beefeater fan, then this gin doesn’t suffer of any Monday syndromes, so it is absolutely worth a try.
It is remarkable, how the same recipe with a little twist in the manufacturing process can create two different gin experiences. The gin is absolutely a Beefeater Dry gin, but despite the 48%ABV – then the gin is much more smooth and at the same time extremely intense and powerful, than the original.
A special thanks to our skilled brand home host; Brenton – thank you for the extra taste.