Drink Friends of the House Gin

Frydenlund Love Nest Cocktail

We simply love a gin with charisma, and/or a good story associated to the gin. Struensee Slot´s Gin has definitely both attributes, and no greater ecstasy is achieved than drinking a gin which having a lot of untold stories inside the bottle, that just waiting to being released the moment you open the stopper.

Struensee was appointed personal physician to the mentally ill King Christian VII of Denmark, and later he was giving the honorary title of State Councillor. However, his affair with the young Queen Caroline Mathilde caused a scandal. Especially, the Queen´s birth of a Princess Louise Augusta was the catalyst for the intrigues and power play that caused his downfall and dramatic death. His head was severed, stuck on a pole and presented to 30,000 bystanders.

Tonight, we have decided to honour both Struensee and Caroline Mathilde by the unifying them in the ‘Frydenlund Love Nest Cocktail’, since Frydenlund Castle was the preferred hideaway during their love affair.

The gin recipe is developed in corporation with Master Distiller Elsner, that lovers of the ELG gin definitely will recognize, when enjoying the Struensee Slot´s Gin. The characteristic ‘ELG recipe’, that containing juniper, coriander and carrot is used as base together with a secret combination of Frydenlund Castle´s own-grown apples. The apples add a well-dosed fruity sweetness to the clean and classic gin with an amazingly long finish of juniper.

The ‘Frydenlund Love Nest Cocktail’ is mixed by using some of Frydenlund Castle´s other products;

  • 5cl Struensee Slot´s
  • 7,5cl Caroline Matilde´s apple juice
  • 1tsp of her crab apple jelly.

Thanks Frydenlund Slot´s Frugtsplantage for letting us taste your celebration of this visionary physician, that sadly ended his life because of his love to the ‘wrong lady’. We´re already looking forward to open this astonishing bottle again for the next chapter about Struensee.