Friends of the House Gin

Skiing on Bamboo Activated Charcoal

After a week working hard for the money, that paying our extravagant gin lifestyle – then we´ll start the weekend with some off-piste gin fun on the top of the ‘Japanese Alps’. After a downhill period, then the KURO gin project really took off from the steepest start gate in Hakuba in 2017. The fascination of this area ended with this KURO London Dry Gin, that embracing the spirit of the Hakuba Valley’s alpine slopes.

The gin including challenges for your taste buds, due to the use of botanicals that not usually are found in a gin recipe. Your taste buds are certainly challenged as a freestyle skier in a X Games competition, after forcing the jump of traditional gin botanicals, and then floating into an unknown giniverse of birch bark and bamboo activated charcoal before the landing. However, we’re sure that after the first sip of this Japanese inspired gin, you´ll learn to love the skis you´re above.

The expression is soft like freshly fallen powder snow, but still with a pleasant sharpness from the ski edges, that securing interesting experiences and joy when maneuvering this gin. The innovative use of birch bark, spruce needles and bamboo activated charcoal, together the classic London Dry gin ingredients such as juniper, lemon, orange, cinnamon, licorice root, nutmeg giving you the taste of the KURO (‘black’) slope of Hakuba Valley.

The hard times during the week will easily pass away with a good gin like KURO in your hand – so KURO London Dry Gin thanks for this excellent taste of the ‘Japanese Alps’ . We´re looking forward to start the exploration of your exotic universe of floral and fruity gin as well.