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Old Tom Celebrating

Today we celebrating the Constitution Day, a national holiday in Denmark commemorating Denmark’s first constitution from 1849. We can’t imagine a better way to do it, than drinking an authentic Old Tom Gin from City of London Distillery. A particularly nice touch is how the Dome of St Paul’s Cathedral is referenced in the shape of the bottle. The unique look helps the gins stand out, exactly as this Constitution Day today stand out as the birth of the democracy in our beautiful country .

City of London has lightly sweetened their Old Tom gin to bring out the wonderful zesty citrus notes, together with the smooth combination of juniper, coriander, nutty angelica root. We have found a perfect counterpart for this big and soulful Old Tom Gin in the Erasmus Bond Dry Tonic, that add a wonderful citrus freshness from its blend of grapefruit, blood orange and bergamot to this lovely Old Tom buddy.

A huge thanks to Scape Spirits and Scott Lyth for your invitation to visit the copper stills of City of London Distillery, and not at least tasting a wide range of delicious gin cocktails in Cold bar attached to the distillery. Both bar and the distillery are absolutely worth a visit for all gin lovers – if your path crossing the streets of London. The flickering candles and faint aroma of gin vapor, that hangs in the air add an unique ginmosphere to his cozy GIN bar.