No glaciers – no water to our gin!

Luckily, Mother Nature has started the manufacturing process of the Arctic Velvet Gin for long time ago by prepared some frozen water in a glacier in Greenland, otherwise the development horizon for Arctic Velvet Gin had been immense for the guys behind this gin and not at least all us gin connoisseurs, that love a unique gin product in our glasses. The used water has been frozen into the glacier for 2000 years ago, for reaching the relative high pH of 9.38 and the highest purity of water, that properly is available anywhere on this planet.

Beside the unmistakably soft ‘vintage’ water from Greenland, then this astonishing gin has been 5 times distilled and is produced exclusively with organic grain. The base spirit is refined with 25 inimitable quality botanicals, creating this gin with the obviously soft character and truly memorable taste.

The Arctic Velvet gin is surrounded with a lot of secretiveness, since most of the used botanicals are kept as a secret – protected with the highest Swiss banking secrecy. Therefore, the gin invites to our favorite Parlour Game – ‘Guess a Gin Botanical’. Arctic Velvet gives you the first botanicals; juniper, coriander, caraway seeds and nutmeg. We find some citrus and lime notes, and perhaps some kind of pepper that tingling on the tip of the tongue.

What botanicals do you find?

To maintain the aromatic profile of the Arctic Velvet gin, then we have chosen the extra fizzy Three Cents Tonic Water for our GT, due to its natural quinine with very little natural aroma. Furthermore, the tonic respecting the2000 year old ‘938 water’ in the gin, by using finest spring water- so from our point of view a perfect soft tonic match to the unique soft Arctic Velvet gin.

Thanks Artic Velvet Denmark for the taste and not at least bringing an additional and very concrete argument into the climate change debate;

No icecaps and glaciers – no water to our gin!

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  1. Our rye spirit gin made with a mix of botanicals and infused with local spruce tips is sweetened with wild, handpicked huckleberries. This beautiful spirit can be sipped neat, or topped with soda water and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

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