Distillery Gin

The mountains are calling

The mountains are calling and We must go. The message is coming from Weisshorn gin in the Swiss Alps – so we have to put on our mountaineer boots, and start the ascending via the East Ridge route. The climb is physically and technically demanding, with a tricky and exposed rock ridge requiring some exercise to find the right path. We have to look for the juniper between the floral patches of the mountain-characteristic Edelweiss, that is nicely supported by the locally collected Elderflower and clover.

But after the second sip, then it is almost as leaving the shadows from the surrounding peaks, and then suddenly standing in the sun with this magnificent  view of the Weisshorn summit just in front of you. The gin appears bright with a clear fresh taste of this hilly area. If you really look watchful, then you also from distance can see a tiny 19th century wooden cabin tucked into the alpine forest slopes between the Genepi plants. In this cabin perched 2000 meters high in the valley of the Weisshorn mountain is this mountainous gin handcrafted. In the micro-distillery the 12 botanicals are individually vacuum-distill, and finally blended to bottling strength using the local glacier water, that we passed just before we reached this beautiful peak of a gin.

Before we start the descenting, we definitely have to enjoy this scenic view with a simple GT without any disturbing elements. We have decided to use a little splash of the extra dry Golden Monaco from Aqua Monaco, that just adding some distinctive notes of juniper and cardamom without shadowing this fantastic summit of the Weisshorn Gin.

We clearly understand the popularity of Weisshorn among mountaineers, where else do you find a summit with its own distillery for celebrating a successful ascent.  Thanks for the climb Weisshorn Spirits. Hopefully, the distillery is open, when we climbing by later this summer.