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Sharp like an edge of a samurai sword

Since seven minds must be much sharper than one, then we definitely were expecting a gin with a sharpness like an edge of a samurai sword when popping this ‘Syv Sind Gin’. Tis the sharpness of a gin, that gives the edge to the challenges and pleasures of our taste buds – which from our point of view is the key characteristic that defines an interesting gin. Our inner ‘ginurai’ quality values was absolutely not dishonored.

‘Syv Sind Gin’ – that directly translated from Danish meaning ‘Seven Minds Gin’, is created of a group of seven friends, that original instigated a whiskey adventure together using the philosophy, ‘ DIY TILL WE DIE’. Naturally, the same philosophy as far as possible has been incorporated into the manufacturing process of this gin.

An organic wheat based ethanol is used in the distillation of the carefully selected seven botanicals. Often, the recurring number 7 is very symbolic associated with feeling, mysticism and inner wisdom, which all are predicates that also could be associate with this exceptional gin. The gin has clearly the classic gin feeling with a lot of juniper inner wisdom. The juniper power is supported by traditional botanicals like citrus peel, angelica root, coriander seeds, cardamom, but still with some ‘mysticism’ from the chamomile and sea buckthorn.

The classic gin style mixes splendidly with an indian tonic, so the Weisswange Indian Tonic Water could be a superb suggestion as the perfect mixer for a mindful GT. The well-balanced sweetness and bitterness, makes it an excellent soul mate to this old-school gin.

‘Syv Sind gin’ has definitely proven, that seven minds sometimes are better than one, and in this case all seven minds truly exist in one fantastic gin bottle. Thanks to Sall Whiskey Distillery and Syv Sind Gin for the voyage into your ‘Syv Sind’.

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    1. Sorry, just a blog about our meetings with different gins and distilleries, so no product to buy dirrectly from our webpage 🙁

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