Distillery Friends of the House Gin


Honestly, we’re huge Navy strength gin fans- so when Master Distiller Andreas Vallendar was serving his Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin ‘Fassstärke’ with an ABV% at whole 66.6% during our visit at Avadis Distillery, then we were ecstatic. 
And we weren’t disappointed. We love unconditionally the normal Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin, but this ‘Fassstärke’ is 22.6% more powerful and intense. Despite the hurricane strength ABV%, then ‘Fassstärke’ is still homogeneous and balanced- and not at least faithful to the expression of the ‘original’ Ferdinand’s. This gin is the perfect captain for at ‘ginfull’ GT or cocktail cruise despite the hurricane ABV with gurantee for maximum drinking pleasure. .

Thanks Ferdinands Gin and Master Distiller Andreas Vallendar for opening the door to the distillery for us, it was existing to hear the passionated description of the process and not at least the story of your gin adventure. 

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